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Celebrating moments with every stroke

Providing custom, hand-written signage, stationery, personalized gifts, and more for events and occasions.


With every stroke, Davallia Designs offers a personal and unique touch to help you celebrate life's special moments.



I'm Rachel

From the vibrant city of Hong Kong to the small but beautiful town of St. Joseph, Michigan, my journey has been a colorful mix of experiences and creative twists.


From a young age, I’ve embraced the power of action as a means to express love and communicate emotions. This practice has grown and evolved into the cornerstone of Davallia Designs. I enjoy adding splashes of joy to people’s lives, and each stroke of my work is infused with care.


When I'm not immersed in work, you'll likely catch me on the dance floor, packing (or unpacking) my suitcase for a new adventure with my husband, or simply daydreaming about a furry friend tagging along.

I'm thrilled to be your partner in bringing a personal and artistic flair to your cherished moments. Let's collaborate to make your milestones even more unforgettable and meaningful!

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Venue Partners

Davallia Designs has partnered with some wonderful venues. Check them out!